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Sowden Surveys Established 2001

Rescode Feature Surveys

Rescode Feature Surveys are used by your Architect and council for new houses or extensions to existing homes.

Rescode feature surveys are required by your Architect and Council to accurately portray informaton on your site and directly adjoining sites.

Rescode feature survey are used when you are building a new house or extending your existing home. Even the addition of a deck or carport may require a rescode feature survey to be done as a Council requirement.

Information located in a rescode feature survey includes the following:

  • Levels to Australian Height Datum (AHD)
  • Contours over the site at 0.2 metre intervals
  • Easements (if any), title bearings and distances
  • On the existing house on site - floor level, ridge heights and gutter heights
  • On the existing site - garages, sheds, carports, trees, fence heights and descriptions
  • On the nature strip - street furniture including trees, footpaths, services such as pits, water, telstra and gas meters etc
  • On directly adjoining properties - setbacks, windows overlooking the site including heights, heights of ridges, gutters and floor levels where possible
  • Bench mark placed at front of property

We use latest computer technology, field and office equipment enabling us to work accurately and efficiently. All drawings are done in Civilcad and Autocad, maintaining a standardised format that is incomparable.

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